Rayan’s Birth Story

So where do I begin? Some of it is a bit of a blur as Rayan was born seven months ago, I know, I am so bad at doing things on time and yes part of me thinks should I even bother writing this, with how long it’s taken. But to be fair regardless of when I write this, it may still be of benefit to somebody as ladies are having babies everyday. Anyway enough waffling, lets rewind to October 27th 2017.

It’s 8am, induction day has arrived, I am dressed and excited to go have this baby. I call the hospital as instructed and was told to go have some breakfast, then make my way to the hospital.

I arrive at the hospital about 9:30am, thankfully it’s quiet so they book me in right away and show me to my cubicle. Around 11am the doctor examines me and inserts a propess to get things started. At this point i’m excited because if it’s anything like the last time in about two hours my contractions are going to start kicking in and this time i’m definitely refusing paracetamol because I don’t want it stopping my contractions like it did with my previous induction.

A few hours go by and I haven’t even felt a single twinge, I guess they weren’t lying when they said every pregnancy is different. On a brighter note my sisters come to visit, they bought me some gorgeous cakes from Caffé Concerto, strawberries and cream and chocolate and orange yum! They also brought along Naeem with them, awww my baby boy is about to be a big brother and he’s not even two yet (it weren’t planned honestly, it was failed contraception but that’s another story for another day).

Some more hours go by and my mum comes to visit. At this point I’m thinking this baby ain’t ready to come, they should’ve just let me go to term, I was already 39+3 weeks pregnant, obviously I knew it was risky because I had gestational diabetes but by this time it was my frustration talking.

I’d say about 7pm I decide to become an escapee and I left the hospital cannula in tow and went home with my family. I literally walked half an hour from the hospital to my house, with hopes that it’ll help trigger labour, nothing!

I spent a few hours in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by loved ones, they say that sort of thing helps, being in your own environment, not for me though. My mum whipped me up some soup, we all kinda netflixed and chilled for a bit, before I returned to the hospital, still pregnant and still not in labour.

October 28th 2017 at 12pm a doctor comes along to examine me and just as I thought, I hadn’t dilated not even a single centimetre. So the old propess is removed and a new one is inserted.

It was not until about 8pm, I got my first twinge, I was like ooo, the sound you make when something excites you. Like this was a big deal for me, especially as two hours prior I was sobbing and crying my eyes out. I actually broke down because nothing was happening and people were coming in after me and having their babies before me, I was seriously frustrated.

I noticed every few minutes I was getting contractions, so it motivated me to walk up and down the hospital stairs from third floor to basement and back up again. I did about 3 laps and I was like yo, I think I may need to get some pain relief. My contractions were really going for it so I started taking in some gas and air. From nowhere these contractions were coming full throttle, I was getting some really deep ones which brought me to tears. I mean, I’ve had a baby before and I was induced, I even had the drip and none of those contractions brought me to tears. Like I hadn’t experienced this kind of pain before, I didn’t know whether it was because it’s my second baby so it was more painful but whatever it was I needed something stronger. So about 11pm roughly I got diamorphine injected into my butt. That took the edge off the pain a little. 

About 30 to 40 minutes later my contractions were going crazy again, so I told my husband to call the midwife because either this diamorphine ain’t working or this baby is coming. At this point my midwife was on lunch so the interim midwife came over and she asked if I felt like pushing, I said I think so. To be honest I didn’t know what I was feeling because all this seemed new to me but I thought i’m gonna go with yes. Would you believe this midwife said to me that when my midwife comes back from lunch, she’ll check me. Are you kidding me? Three minutes later I could not take the pain anymore so I sent my husband to call her back, I really needed to be examined. Thankfully at that point my midwife came back from lunch, when she checked me I was fully dilated, fully effaced and fully ready to push.

All I had, was the urge to push, my midwife told me not to push yet as I was still in the induction bay and I needed to go to the delivery suite. Can you believe this woman wanted me to walk? I looked at her funny and said walk? I told her point blank there’s no way I’m walking, I was crippled with back to back contractions.

I finally made it to delivery suite and everyone was rushing around, I was in the wheelchair and they wanted me to get on the bed. I had to time it well, the moment my contraction was tailing off I leapt from the wheelchair to the bed and some how I landed on all fours. It was then I realised that they hadn’t administered the antibiotics I needed to take during active labour to protect the baby from Group B Strep. I shouted out to them, you do know I have GBS? The look on their faces when they realised what I had just realised. Anyway for some reason I was told to turn from all fours to on my back. This was not an easy task that they were asking of me but I some how managed to do it.

Whilst on my back I don’t know why but I decided to put my hand down and I felt the top of the babies head then all of a sudden I started panicking, I thought I was tearing. All I could feel was a ball of fire making its way down through my body. The last time I gave birth I had an epidural which I thought didn’t really work. Best believe that day I found out the epidural worked wonders because this time I was in excruciating pain. I could feel everything and I was long passed the stage to have one now.

I think it took about two pushes and on October 29th 2017 at 1:31am my beautiful boy was born with his sac in tact, my waters hadn’t broken, everything had happened all too fast.

Before I could take the mandatory pic of new baby on chest, the vibe in the room went dark and the alarm was pressed. Rayan had gone all floppy and needed his chest pressed, oxygen and tubes to clear his airwaves. My baby boy was whisked away to NICU and I didn’t even get to hold him or give him a kiss. Seeing him wave his little arms in the incubator gave me a bit of comfort and faith that he was going to be alright.

After I was checked over, I was taken to ICU to rest as there were no beds in postnatal ward. That was fine as I was able to get a bit of peace and quiet there. later in the day I was able to check on Rayan, he was doing brilliantly, they had started weaning him off the feeding tubes so that I could breastfeed him. After 24 hours we were reunited, my baby boy was by my side. We spent a further two or three days in hospital until he got his cultures back and for my blood pressure to stabilise. Once we were both clear, to go home.

I know having a baby is a privilege and not a right and I am thankful that I have been blessed twice to be able to have this experience. To anyone who is trying to conceive, I pray you get your own little miracle.

Thank you for reading. XX

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