Naeem’s Adventure with Paw Patrol!

Hey guys! How amazing are penwizard for gifting Naeem with his very own personalised book?

This morning I heard my buzzer ring, the postman said I had a delivery, I was racking my brain thinking I didn’t order anything then it hit me, ‘ahhh Naeem’s book’ I got all excited to open the package. You would think the gift was for me.

How beautiful is this book please? I love the fact that it weren’t a one character fits all and I was able to personalise the little boy to somewhat resemble my son. I had the option to choose the hair colour and style, skin and eye colour. I also had the choice of what colour t-shirt he wore, whether the character wore glasses and the gender. The process was incredibly simple.

I mean I do believe the range could be slightly more diverse and there is room for improvement for the characters to look more like the kids but it’s definitely a good effort, I’m not mad and it’s an animation after all.

The essence of the story is that it’s Naeem’s birthday and he’s invited to spend time with with the Paw Patrol when his trike breaks down. This leads them onto an adventure to fix Naeem’s Super trike.

The story is written in simple plain English for little kids to understand. One thing I really enjoyed was how exciting the adventure was and the fact that Naeem could relate to his character. I loved the way his little face lit up and said “me” every time he heard his name.

The book is neither too long nor too short and is just the right length for young kids. The bright colours really attracts children’s attention.

I genuinely think this is a great present idea for young kids as the adventure is set on the child’s birthday.

Thankfully I was able to hook you, my lovely readers with a 10% off discount code: PAW10 so if you wish to get this book for your child or a gift for a Paw Patrol fan then I’d suggest you head over to Penwizard to personalise the book and don’t forget to use the code above to knock off some change.

Don’t say I don’t let you in on the goodies 🙂

Ria xx

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