Back To The City – Maternity Over!

13 August 2018 that’s the day I returned to the city. The day I kissed my babies goodbye until I kissed them hello again 10 hours later. I walked out & I felt… relieved! I know that may sound awful but I’m being honest about my feelings. I’m not used to being out of work for so long. Even after Naeem I went back a lot sooner. By the way this is not to say I didn’t miss them, I was just glad to get up in the morning with an agenda, put some clothes on, put make up on, actually interact with other humans around my age and quite frankly make money. I’m sure I’ve told you in one of my previous posts that I’m a contractor, so if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

So today marks four weeks since I started and I’m still enjoying being a working mum. It feels good coming home and seeing their cute little faces greeting me at the door. It’s nice getting back to normality and really appreciating the weekends.

Maternity leave can really put you in a bubble and if you’re anything like me it’s a very repetitive bubble. I would literally wake up, give the kids breakfast, watch endless episodes of Peppa pig or the new fave, Ben & Holly, eat lunch watch more episodes. It was a continuous cycle day in day out.

It wasn’t until I was about to go back to work when I decided to go to one of the local parks in my area, a park I never knew existed. I met a lovely fellow mum of two and we arranged a play date a few days later. We had a lovely picnic in another park and it felt good. Interacting with an adult whilst our kids ran around together. At that moment I contemplated being a stay at home mum.

So although I’m loving having some baby free time during the day, it’s still bittersweet. As much as some people may find my feelings a little controversial I’m only saying what most mum’s are thinking. Im a firm believer of ‘not just a mum’ we also have our own identity so don’t feel guilty for enjoying a bit of time away from the kids or wanting to do something other than just mothering all day.

So, about returning to the city, I feel great. I’m able to provide for my kids whilst enjoying a bit of a breather and I don’t love them any less in fact it’s true what they say, absence makes the heart fonder!

I’ve collaborated with a few other lovely mummies Rachael, Lucy and Laura so click on their names and head over to their page to read their thoughts on going back to work.

I’m now a Mother Hen whoop whoop and this post is a Mother Hen Club post you can find Mother Hen on instagram so head over and give them a follow. For more information click on the link xx

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