bakerdays… Letterbox Cake!!

Have you ever received a cake through your letterbox? Yes the flap on the front of your door that the postman usually pushes your letters through. Well as strange and as exciting as it may seem, this is actually a real thing.

(letterbox cake)

bakerdays kindly gifted me with a cake for Rayan’s birthday. Now being the cake lover that I am, I was more excited by the concept of a letterbox cake.

(Rayan’s birthday)

The process was simple, all they needed was my flavour choice, design, this could be one from their website or a personalised one of choice for any event and my address. They send a sample and once satisfied the order is then processed. True to form a cake arrived in the post.

(sample design)

As promised the cake was moist and the design was exactly like the sample they sent me.

(moist cake slice)

It’s safe to say I’m a big fan of cake through the letterbox so if you have any kind of event, occasion, a reason to celebrate or just simply want to eat cake then definitely check out bakerdays, they even do dairy and gluten free cakes.

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