First Trimester…

…is finally over and boy am I glad to see the back of it.

I mean it wasn’t as bad as my symptoms with Rayan but not a breeze like Naeem’s.

Implantation cramping

So let’s start with the symptoms so if you read my previous post you’ll know that I found out I was pregnant on 16 February 2019. A few days before that I experienced some quite intense cramping, I was literally cradling myself in bed. I now know that it wasn’t my period coming it was in actual fact implantation. So that was the first symptom but I only realised after the fact.


So now that I was aware that I was pregnant, you know the mind starts triggering all these things you weren’t feeling two minutes before the test but all of a sudden you see two lines and you start to feel everything? Yeh well cue my second symptom, nausea! My goodness I was so nauseated I felt like I couldn’t function properly, I’d need to curl up in a ball and wish it away. I was chewing on raw ginger to try and settle my stomach and bought wrist bands. I absolutely hated car journeys it was so bad that I think I actually threw up after a couple Uber trips.

Emotional Wreck

My third symptom, I was really emotional found myself crying a lot. My friend had a bridal brunch, asking us to be her bridesmaids. She presented us with these amazing boxes full of treats and a book which she had written personalised notes for each of us. My goodness, that set me right off. I really did feel low at the beginning and if I’m going to be completely honest, looking back now I realise that I was probably going through antenatal depression at the time. I’m just glad that I’ve come out of it and I feel amazing now.

Bad Skin

My fourth symptom which I get in every single pregnancy and I absolutely hate, is bad skin! My face is awful, it’s full of spots and blemishes and just simply isn’t smooth. I cannot stand this symptom but it definitely is my pregnancy telltale sign.


And last but not least is fatigue, I experienced a bit of tiredness not as much as my previous two pregnancies but it was fairly noticeable. I’m not usually one to have a day time nap but during pregnancy it’s a necessity. I even caught myself dozing off in front of my computer sometimes, shhhh don’t tell my boss lol.

So there we have it my first trimester symptoms. I’d say out of all my three pregnancies I’d rank this one in the middle not awful but not quite amazing either.

Oh and by the way I had my 12 weeks scan and baby is perfect Alhumdulilah. So see you in my next trimester update!

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