Second Trimester!

It’s the end of the second trimester and I’m on the homestretch! Whoop whoop!

I can’t lie second trimester wasn’t bad at all in terms of how I felt. Naturally it came with it’s on set of symptoms but on a whole I felt good.

Without further ado let’s get straight to the symptoms of second trimester.

Tender Nipples

This was a new symptom that I hadn’t experienced in any of my previous pregnancies. They didn’t feel sore if they were untouched but when they were accidentally knocked or stepped on mainly by Rayan whilst in bed, my goodness! They were painful. Like most women I hate wearing a bra to bed, in fact if I’m honest I hate wearing a bra full stop but there was this one time I was putting Naeem to bed and when he grabbed the quilt to pull over himself he accidentally grabbed my nipples along with it. Boy did I scream to high heavens.

Yeast infection

The dreaded yeast infection aka thrush came back like ‘hey you missed me?’ There’s not much to say on this except how much I hate having it but I’ve come to terms with it being a part of my pregnancy journey. I’ve been prescribed treatment for it so fingers crossed that will be the end (here’s to hoping)

Swollen Feet

Very often usually by the end of the day my feet would swell like pumped chicken breast. Fortunately they don’t get painful they just don’t look very appealing. Especially in the recent heatwave we’ve had and having to wear sandals. It’s not been pretty 😂

Baby Kicks

During this trimester my baby has really come alive. Kicking the hell out of me from the inside naughty baby. You know I love it really lol. The kicks are a pleasant symptom of the second trimester and are very reassuring so keep kicking baby but maybe a little gentler.

I think that’s about it symptoms wise, I know this a short blog but in all honesty second trimester has been good to me and I’m so grateful. I’ve had a right spring in my step and long may it last! Roll on third trimester!

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